Leadership Trainings/Workshops

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How might it support your goals if you gave your team, managers or whole organization time to think and interact in a structured setting, where they could be inspired and learn something new? Where they could discuss goals, strengths, change, leadership development, leadership style, success factors, obstacles, etc. in a supported setting? 

All trainings and workshops are experiential and are custom designed for your group or team, depending on current realities, goals and needs. Please contact me for more information.


Experiential Workshops Offered

Customized Workshops Available

Title Length Audience/Delivery Format
Leading Change, Managing Transition 2.5 hrs Leaders/In person
Self-Awareness/Mindfulness Practice Flexible All-custom/in person
Emotional Intelligence and Success Flexible Leaders/in person
Appreciative Inquiry and Leadership Flexible Leaders/any
Assessments: CPI 260, LPI, MBTI Debriefs 1 hr ea Leaders/in person
Team MBTI 6-7 hrs Leader +Team/in person
Team Appreciative Inquiry/Strengthsfinder 6-7 hrs Leader +Team/in person
Team Strengthsfinder 4 hrs Leader + Team/in person
Onboarding-Supervisors role Flexible Supervisors/in person
Leadership Transition: Your 100 day plan Flexible Leaders/in person
Team Building (Simulations) 4-7 hrs Leaders/in person
Engaging Your Stakeholders:
Team, Funders, Donors, Customers with the Relationship
Building for Prosperity® Model and 360Win® Vision
Flexible Leaders/in person
Strategic Planning, Implementation and Accountability Flexible Leaders/in person
Managing Up and Other Influence Strategies for Mid Level Leaders Flexible Leaders/in person
Developing Others: Coaching Approach for Leaders Flexible Leaders/in person
Giving Feedback/Feedforward 1 hour All-custom/any
Influencing Stakeholders 1-2 hrs All-custom/in person
Emotional Intelligence and Relationship Building 1-2 hrs All-custom/in person
Relationship Building for Prosperity® Stakeholder Engagement Method Flexible Leaders/any
Win-Win Communication for Influence 1-2 hrs Leaders/any
Building Trust-The latest from neuroscience 1-2 hrs Leaders/any
Your Transitions: How to Manage Them Well 2 hrs Leaders/in person
Nonprofit Board of Directors Orientation 3 hrs Board members/ in person
Niche Business Development 2-6 hrs Leaders/any

Additional Strengths Focused Experiential and Case Study Workshops 

For Managers, Human Resource Professionals, Coaches, Teams
Customized Workshops Available

Title Length in Hours
Your Strengths Based Coaching Practice Toolkit 2 or more
Emotional Intelligence Development
to Support Right Use of Strengths (Mitigating Under/Overuse)
1 or more
Using Clifton Strengths with Teams: Off Site/Retreat Practices 2 or more
Using Clifton Strengths with Teams: On Site Practices Instilling in Culture 2 or more
Strengths Based Performance Review Preparation for employees or clients 1 or more
Integrating Appreciative Inquiry and Clifton Strengths for Goal Setting 1 or more
Strengths Based Onboarding: Integrating the 4 A Process and other Onboarding Paradigms 1.5 or more
Coaching for Appropriate Use of Strengths: Reference Pointing a Foundation for Learning 1 or more
Strengths Based Professional/Personal Transition Management 1 or more