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“Retreat to advance”
- Patricia Schwartz, MA, Executive Coach

Imagine getting away from the office for some thinking time with your business partners, your team and/or your organization! What might happen there that could propel your enterprise into the future? 

At work on a daily basis, we spend most of our time reacting to what is happening, since change is so accelerated. Yet, if we avoid confronting the changes, our businesses will suffer. A facilitated retreat allows time for your enterprise, board or organization to think about and experience together what’s most important to you (values), what’s going on in the environment (opportunities/challenges), where you’re going (vision) and how you will get there (team alignment and planning).  A retreat creates an environment of support and accountability. It allows time to put a workable structure in place for reaching the goals set at the retreat, once you are back at the office.

My retreat approach is participatory and engaging. I make use of recent neuroscience research on what works for teams. Here are some types of retreats I facilitate:

Team building retreats

  • Staff planning retreats

  • Yearly visioning/goal setting retreats

  • Strategic Planning Summits

  • Business Development Retreats

  • Nonprofit Board Orientations

  • Nonprofit Board Retreats

  • Change Leadership/Change Management Retreats

  • Custom on any topic


Want to energize your group? Give them some things to think about that will support their success? I offer conference sessions, keynote presentations, luncheon meeting presentations, guest speaker talks, panel participation, etc.

Here are some examples of topics I speak on:

  • Five steps to unleash positivity in your organization (and yourself)

  • Four steps to shift your mindset and get positive results

  • What does strengths based mean and how can it help your company?

  • Ten steps to a strengths-based culture

  • How to take a coaching approach as a leader or manager

  • Change leadership/change management and you

  • Five key areas of wellness at work and home

  • Engaging your stakeholders for success

Topics Specifically for Nonprofits:

  • Using Strengths Based Approaches with Donors (more in depth with exercises)

  • How to Get Your Board to Fundraise

  • How to Ask for Money

  • What is Positivity and How Can it Help You Raise Money?