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Do you wonder if coaching is right for you? To find out, I offer you a complimentary consultation to discuss your situation and what you would like to gain from coaching. There will probably be a type of coaching or a mix that relates best to your situation and goals. I offer coaching for individual leaders, owners and managers, for business partners and for teams.

The main types of coaching I offer are: executive coaching, leader onboarding coaching, business development coaching, professional transition coaching, wellness coaching and major gifts coaching (for nonprofits). These are described below in more detail.

All of my coaching is action and results driven, and benefits from the strength- based approach I use, which is supported by the latest research. What does strengths-based mean? It means we focus on your strengths and assets and look at how to apply them to create the future you want to be part of. This doesn’t mean we ignore weaknesses; but we also don’t spend all our time on them. Weaknesses are developed through strategically applying strengths. In the process you achieve powerful results. Please click on FAQ for more information.

Coaching has a return on investment of at least 100% if not 600%-5,000% or more. This is seen in increased productivity and bottom-line results as well as in savings due to retention. It costs at least 250% of an employee’s salary to replace them, so the retention achieved through coaching is extremely cost effective for companies.

Executive Coaching

Delivered one to one, for partners and for teams

I help leaders and their teams maximize positive engagement and thrive.

Are you a division or regional leader or manager, a dept head, a business owner, a team lead or in the C-suite? Would you like to achieve superior business and interpersonal results? Align your team? Manage up and influence others to get 360 buy-in? Benefit from a strategic thinking partner? Executive coaching may be for you. 

Why it’s important: many leaders have nobody to really talk with, and they don’t get any honest feedback. Coaching helps leaders say what they need to say, and see what they need to see.

Key areas where executive coaching is known to deliver results for you and your team:

  • Develop and communicate a powerful, breakthrough vision with buy in from stakeholders

  • Achieve superior levels of performance for you and your team

  • Manage relationships and your leadership style to increase business success

  • Be an emotionally intelligent leader who stands out as a peak performer

  • Leverage strategic thinking and influence toward goals

  • Unleash team strengths and create a strengths-based culture where things get done

  • Lead organizational change while achieving top notch business results

  • Develop greater positivity, wellbeing and balance in work and life

  • Shift your focus from what you don’t want to what you want-and get it!

Leader Onboarding Coaching

Delivered one to one and for partners

Onboarding coaching is a type of executive coaching. It covers the first 90-120 days of a (new or seasoned) leader’s new position to help you navigate and assimilate in the company, and accelerate your success in your new role. Onboarding coaching is based on the research into what helps leaders and managers get up to speed more quickly in a new position and/or company. Ideally, we start coaching very close to the start date of your new position.

Why it’s important: 40% of new executive hires fail in the first year

Key results you get from onboarding coaching:

  • Your onboarding plan with a focus on early wins, for your first 90-120 days

  • Implementation accountability support to get you started in the right direction

  • Organizational learning: culture, business needs, structure, unwritten rules

  • Relationship development with a 360 orientation: your leader(s)/manager(s), your colleagues, your direct reports

  • Your vision and plans and timelines for sharing it

  • Celebrate early tangible, measurable wins!

Business Development Coaching

Delivered one to one, for partners and for teams

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
-Peter Drucker, Management Guru

“The best way to predict the future is to co-create it (with a coach).”
-Patricia Schwartz, MA, Executive Coach

Is it time to take your business to the next level? What about your 3-year vision and strategy? Do you have a team you’d like to get on the same page? What trends do you need to adapt to? How can you engage your stakeholders to help create the future? 

Coaching helps you be more proactive and less reactive. It gets you ready for the future, supports you to get buy in to ride the next wave, versus being overwhelmed by it. The approach I take in business development coaching is based on getting to know and engaging your stakeholders for the benefit of all involved. We create a 360Win™ vision and strategy that highlights the benefits and messaging for all levels of stakeholders. Then you get thinking and accountability support as you implement.

Professional Transition Coaching

Delivered one to one, for partners and for teams

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive and go and do that. What the world needs is people who have come alive.”
-Harold Thurman Whitman

Are you ending something and starting something new? Perhaps being transferred by your company, or leaving a job to start a business, leaving one business to start another one, or retiring with an eye for a post retirement career? 

Transition coaching supports you to thrive during this process! External change leads to internal transition, which can be both a powerful time of growth and a challenging time of uncertainty. If you are conscious of the transition you are making on an internal level, you will be more focused, intentional and successful. Your level of mastery can increase and you can flourish through the experience by leveraging your best qualities to create the future you want to be part of. In transition you may be in the release phase of ending, in the reassess/regenerate phase in the uncomfortable space between the past and the future, or in the results phase of restarting. Identifying where you are will help us create the roadmap to move you ahead.

Many people seek out coaching during a transition because it is a time that is ripe for making key adjustments that lead to greater fulfillment and contribution. Coaching supports you to take your thoughts to the end, in terms of what do you REALLY want and how will you get it? NOW is the time.

Wellness Coaching

Delivered one to one, for partners and for teams

“Wellness is distinguished by a richer experience of life and hallmarked by choices which are more productive, efficient and bring greater fulfillment.”
-Dr. Donald Epstein, D.C., Founder, Network Chiropractic Approach

Would you like to flourish in your health and wellbeing, or professionally, financially, spiritually, relationally, in your community connections, or in another way? You get to choose what you focus on and we work on it together.

Wellness is one of my passions! Wellness coaching can support you to take small steps that build a foundation for a quantum positive change in your wellness. We work toward a new reference point of PERMA, which stands for positive emotions, engagement, positive relationships, meaning and achievement. I am in process of becoming a highly certified wellness coach (by the Medical Board of Examiners). I offer an array of tools and resources to support you as you spiral upward in your wellness. We start by finding out about you at your best in wellness and from there we create your already proven to be possible wellness vision. We work together in our sessions to realize your vision by applying your greatest strengths and garnering the support you need around you. I look forward to helping you achieve your optimal wellness!


Major Gifts Coaching

Delivered one to one, for partners and for teams
(most effective with partners and teams)

"I help nonprofit leaders nurture win-win relationships that pay off. Big time."

Would you like to develop relationships with major donor prospects but there are so many other things to do right now that it gets pushed to the back burner, and never happens?  And now it’s more critical than ever as you recognize you need the help of more donors to support your programs?

Would you like to have a major donor plan but are having difficulty getting to it? 

Are you excited about a dream for your cause and the people you serve, and need major donors to get involved, but aren’t sure how to leverage the relationships you have, or how to create additional ones? 

Does managing your major donor engagement feel burdensome instead of joyful?

What would it be like to feel confident and joyful that you have a great vision, a solid list of donors and specific plans for engaging them in your vision? What would it be like to have your donors ask YOU how they can help bring your vision to life?? Major donor coaching supports you to make those things happen!

Coaching for major donor relationship success is my specialty. Coaching with me helps you know your own strengths and vision for your major donor engagement. Through coaching you make significant progress toward realizing your dreams! I have helped many, many nonprofits take quantum leaps in their fundraising success through coaching with me and my Relationship Building for Prosperity® Donor Engagement Model and Tools. 


I have 40 years of experience in nonprofit work and have been coaching for 20 years.
Some of the areas we might focus on in coaching based on what other nonprofits have benefitted from are:

  • Major donor engagement vision development and coaching for partners or a team

  • Board development coaching for major donor success

  • Testimonial presenter coaching/visionary leader coaching for major gifts

  • Yearly fundraising event focused coaching for major gifts

  • Integrated one on one and team major donor coaching

  • Coaching on the Executive’s Agenda for major donor engagement