Patricia Schwartz is simply a master motivator, trainer and coach. I can't imagine how her expertise and services couldn't help any organization develop, innovate, and grow. She came into my Positive Psychology class in the Bachelor's Program at Antioch University, Santa Barbara, and provided a training on Appreciative Inquiry. Thirty students sat mesmerized by her enthusiasm and depth of knowledge, but it was their eager engagement in the exercises Patricia gave them that won me over. The positive energy in the room was amazing as students explored and shared their strengths, passions, and what makes them come alive. Nothing could have been more in-tune with the main learning objective of the class – helping students explore the pathways to living lives of meaning and purpose. I've had many guest speakers with an array of skills and knowledge present to my classes over the years. None were able to connect and move students the way Patricia did. That's a special gift.

 - Stuart Light | MA, LMFT
Affiliate Professor, Masters in Clinical Psychology Program
Antioch University, Santa Barbara

Because I do see possibilities, I feel more positive… I am more upbeat and feel less burdened, yet have so much more in the works. I see paths with anticipated bumps where before I saw barriers.
Because my language is more positive and my thoughts based on looking for commonality and solutions, I can tell I am a better problem solver and more helpful to my co-workers.

The coaching process has allowed time for reflection and planning, causing our initiatives to be thoughtfully and thereby successfully implemented. Also, Patricia’s insight into the successful journey through the change process has been invaluable.

- Mary Hodgson | Former CEO

Patricia has been exemplary in her guidance and instruction during the time that she has spent working with me. Her sincere, honest, consistent effort has been greatly appreciated. She has been extremely conscientious, personable, and respectful while disseminating a tremendous wealth of knowledge that she has acquired through her years of experience. She has been very professional yet incredibly approachable and gracious throughout the time that I have worked with her. Her insights have been invaluable.

- John P. | Professional Training Program Participant

Patricia Schwartz is an innovative and dynamic coach! Her expertise helped me craft an acceptance speech for a major award that was thought provoking, riveting and tugged at the heartstrings of over 300 audience members! I knew what I wanted to say, but she made sure the audience heard it.

- Laura Inks | Executive Coaching Client

Patricia is wonderful! She looks at the whole picture and takes a comprehensive approach to coaching… insightful, positive and practical.

- PR Professional Executive Coaching client

The envisioning process was uplifting for our staff. It gave them ownership over the future of Treebones as well as reminded them of what they love about what we are doing here, not only at our business but for our community.

As an owner, I loved seeing how our staff poured their hearts and souls into the activities. We were all transformed by the process in that we worked together on it on a level playing field. It was fun and rewarding. I was amazed how, in the last hour, the vision statement flowed beautifully out of the group.
Our future plans are better focused, and all of our staff members are already getting behind the growth of Treebones.

- Corinne and John Handy | Owners
Treebones Resort

Working with Patricia has not only helped me clarify a career vision in line with my passions and inherent strengths but also shift any self-created barriers that may prevent me from living this vision.
Coaching with Patricia has completely changed my life. What I initially thought were simplistic exercises to help change my perspective were, in fact, exercises that bit by bit shifted my thinking and, in turn, my experience of life. Inspiration found me everywhere and, finally, I started to experience and live the life that I had known was possible. Seriously! If you are willing to trust the process, be open to guidance and ultimately be willing to move through the discomfort towards your dream vision, you will get there. Coaching has made me realize that everything and anything is possible.

- Candice Carlton | Financial Services Professional

Our institution has used Ms. Schwartz’s services for a variety of work, such as: teambuilding using the principles of Kouzes and Posner’s Leadership Challenge; planning and facilitating team retreats; training supervisors; and conducting focus groups. She is attentive to the client’s needs and plans thoughtfully. Ms. Schwartz is able to make adjustments in the moment as the situation calls for it, and is always eager to receive feedback after an engagement. She focuses on helping clients develop concrete plans of action so that they can achieve results. Ms. Schwartz was initially engaged by HR, and then as members of staff and administration became familiar with her work, they have engaged her services for other projects — I believe this is a great testament to her effectiveness and her clear understanding of our organizational culture.

 - Randall A. |  Vice President for Human Resources
at an Institution of Higher Education