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The Appreciative Inquiry Commons — a worldwide portal and vast database devoted to the fullest sharing of academic resources and practical tools on Appreciative Inquiry and the rapidly growing discipline of positive change. Numerous articles and resources are available from the site. Sponsored by Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management.

The Jim Lord site includes more than philanthropy articles using ai, although it does still have that. Students of CEC may find some of the appreciative quotes that he has collected useful for presentations and other collateral materials. This site trains consultants in AI. Students of CEC may find some of the interesting success stories with organizations, including strategic planning, visioning, teaming and culture change as useful resource materials in working with potential clients. Some good articles from Gervase R. Bushe, lecturer at Simon Fraser University about using AI in consulting and training. Free downloadable archive of newsletters that have a lot of excellent AI information from the field. You can also subscribe to the journal. “Preserving the future by saving the past.” This website walks through the process of creating a personal history of a life, organization or business.  National Training Lab site.  Much of the appreciative inquiry training has been done by NTL associates.

The Appreciative Inquiry Discussion List is hosted by the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah. Jack Brittain is the list administrator. For subscription information, go to: Sue Hammonds’ site which contains numerous updates on training opportunities and published resources, which can be purchased directly from the site. She has an easy to access book on AI called “The Thin Book on Appreciative Inquiry”, which sticks to the basics and is very inexpensive and THIN.  David Rock’s site on neuroscience, leadership and coaching. (He spoke at the ICF conference in 2008 to a more than packed house). He has 3 books out and has launched a graduate certificate program in The Neuroscience of Leadership. International Positive Psychology Association. They host the World Congress on Positive Psychology. One of the benefits of membership is quarterly calls with top leaders in the field such as Barbara Frederickson, Martin Seligman, Ed Diener, etc. Jackie Kelm’s site which allows you to subscribe to her Appreciative Living Ezine. The Ezine has lots of interesting stories in it. Her site is filled with daily life type resources and she has published a book “The Joy of Appreciative Living”. The Taos Institute site, which includes publications, workshops, newsletters, post graduate programs. The Taos Institute is founded on and promotes the principle of social constructionism, upon which appreciative inquiry is based. Lynn Johnson’s site, devoted to solution focussed psychotherapy and organizational consulting from an appreciative perspective. The Positive Change Core, led by Marge Schiller, is dedicated to the transformation of our school system through the utilization of appreciative inquiry with students, parents and teachers. An English site that has extensive resources including a monthly AI newsletter. See next link! Monthly AI newsletter with some topics of interest for coaches. The May 08 issue was dedicated to AI Coaching. Pancultural Associates site. They have some good resources for introducing appreciative inquiry to others. An Australian site that has numerous pages of helpful information. Bill O’Hanlon’s Solution Focussed therapy site. Many useable handouts. Bob New and Kathleen Rich-New’s site, where you can obtain their book “Looking for the Good Stuff.”  While not exactly appreciative inquiry it has several articles and information that is in keeping with the appreciative spirit. Congregational Development Institute (CDI) This is church based organization primarily from the Episcopal tradition that makes considerable use of AI and also has other Church related OD resources.

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