AI Theory/4D Model

Brief Annotated Bibliography

Cooperrider, D., & Whitney, D. (1999) Appreciative Inquiry Berrett-Koehler Communications, Inc. San Francisco, CA.

A short basic primer on appreciative inquiry, similar in size to the Thin Book. It is part of a collection of booklets entitled “Collaborating for Change.” Another excellent starter to introduce appreciative inquiry to a client, especially for those who desire a more “how to” approach. Explains the 4D process.

Hammond, S. (1998) The Thin Book of Appreciative Inquiry. Thin Book Publishing Co. Plano, Texas.

A basic book, it is very good as an introduction to appreciative inquiry. This is an excellent “starter” to give to a client to explain the appreciative process.

Hammond, S., Royal, C. (1998) Lessons from the Field: Applying Appreciative Inquiry. Practical Press.

Case studies focus on cases in education, strategic planning and healthcare. In addition several case studies of community applications are included. CEC students may particularly appreciate the sections on writing an OD proposal, explaining AI to clients, creating behavior change with the provocative proposition and in particular: when a client insists on collecting negative information!


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