Why Hire a Coach?


Imagine getting to where you want to be in your career or personal life; reaching that important goal you’ve had for a while!  A coach can support you on your path toward your greatest successes.

Here are 5 (more) reasons to hire a coach:

1 – You want to maximize your results in a fraction of the time that it would take to do it on your own!

You can try to go it alone, but that will take a lot longer than working with a coach-who helps you bring your goals into clear focus, set up actions to reach them, and remain on target to complete them. This is possible because a coach is not just a thinking partner, but an accountability partner- we help you set deadlines and keep to them!

For example, I’m coaching a V.P. from a large organization, and not long ago she was experiencing frustration and stress as a result of a complex situation at work. She sought out my services, and together we were able to make a plan with actionable steps.  She has made considerable progress and now reports a sense of revitalization, clarity, and momentum!

2 – You want an outside viewpoint that is both knowledgeable and objective/impartial.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the ear and perspective of an experienced professional? Someone whose only stake in your decisions is your success?  A coach is that person.

I coach executives and leaders who have nobody in their realm who will give them honest feedback or who can offer an objective perspective like a coach does. It is unfortunate that those in power often have less access to objective feedback, especially considering that leaders are actually more open to constructive criticism than followers are.

3 – You are facing a change and you want it to go well: a promotion or other career transition or a change in your personal life.

You want the change to go as smoothly as possible. A coach helps you reflect on the internal as well as external aspects of the change and create a game plan with accountability.

In most changes, we need to go through some internal transitions, complete additional tasks related to the transition, all while continuing to accomplish important tasks in our work and life. The uncertainty and uprooting nature of change can create added stress in an already busy life.

I help my clients think about what is ending and how they can best approach it, what they need in order to prepare for their next step, and how to launch something new in a way that supports them individually and benefits everyone involved.

For example, a recent client set up a 90-day transition plan for a career move. This significantly reduced the stress associated with uncertainty and helped him feel a greater sense of control.

4 – You have reached a plateau and you want to consider your next move!

You want to think through options for your future with an experienced, skilled practitioner. A coach is a thought and accountability partner who encourages you to fully explore possibilities, develop a vision of you at your best, and create an overall plan that consists of actionable steps.  With your vision as a guide, and by following your action steps, you will make progress towards realizing your full potential.

5 – You wish to further develop your leadership skills to not only better yourself and your career, but to be able to better motivate those around you.

You want to have a more positive impact in your work, with your team, and/or in your personal life, but where do you start? A coach helps you become more aware of what’s working well that you are currently doing, what your current mindset is, and what you want to do differently. This process occurs via conversation and also with the help of excellent leadership strengths and skills assessments.

Using assessments we evaluate your goals and set up plans and small steps for learning new ways of leading at work and in your life. I am certified in and use various leadership assessments such as the EQi 2.0 and 360, the Myers-Briggs, the CPI 260, the Strengthsfinder 2.0 and the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI).

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