What does Albert Einstein have in common with a Strengths Based approach to leadership?


Einstein said: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

I find this quote both inspiring and challenging.

It is inspiring if we simply stop for a moment and notice that without our conscious control we breathe, and our hearts beat. We might notice that our bodies are made up of a multitude of finely tuned systems that keep us functioning. And we aren’t even trying.

It’s helpful to start with our own self-awareness of miracles and then move our attention to the environment around us to look for others.

The quote contains guidance for today’s leaders in work environments; especially those of you who would like to bring out the strengths and “miracle potential” in your organization or team to create extraordinary results! It’s challenging because the miracle viewpoint is different than how we are used to viewing the world around us. It requires a conscious shift in our thinking.

Einstein points out that we can choose our viewpoint or mindset. He chose the positive mindset that everything is a miracle. Perhaps his mindset encouraged him to look for the miracle qualities he believed existed in everything.

Perhaps this positive viewpoint he chose is connected to his discoveries and theories: since he discovered what we could easily consider miracles of nature, such as his theory of relativity.


We are each free to choose our mindset or approach. As a leader, taking a strengths based approach means you are looking for what’s working well (the miracle you already have) and where your own strengths, the strengths of your team or organization are evident or could be applied more (the miracle potential for future stunning results).

Recently a number of my clients have experienced “miracles” of all sorts including financial, strategic and support for them or their businesses. Because they decided that miracles are the result of a mindset and they chose the mindset.

If you knew you couldn’t fail, would you be willing to try on Einstein’s viewpoint for a day? I’d love to hear your stories of what happens when you try out this mindset.


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