Step 5 of The Wellspring Method℠ Program

Fuel Your Best Self and Build Resilience

If you have not read step 1 through 4, please do so first.

Welcome to Step 5 of The Wellspring Method 5 Step experiential program.  This coaching activity integrates Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, and Strengths Based Approaches in a way that directly taps your own potential, while increasing your resilience.

Step 5: Transform Your World


Take your insights and inspiration from your wellspring experience into the world; take action.
Share your gifts! Coaching can support you.

Self Reflection: Engaging with Your Wellspring

I’d recommend you write your answers somewhere where they can be referenced at a later date.

  1. How did it feel? What did you experience being in the intersection of your strengths and passions?
  2. What 4-6 words would describe the essential nature, core values, principles you found in the intersection?
  3. Insights you had as a result of exploring your area of purpose/wellspring at the intersection of the 3 circles:
  4. Questions that come up for you as a result of doing this exercise:
  5. One action step that comes to mind is:

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