Step 4 of The Wellspring Method℠ Program

Fuel Your Best Self and Build Resilience

If you have not read step 1 through 3, please do so first.

Welcome to Step 4 of The Wellspring Method℠ 5 Step experiential program.  This coaching activity integrates Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, and Strengths Based Approaches in a way that directly taps your own potential, while increasing your resilience.

Step 4: Live In and From Your Wellspring


Step away but allow the intersection to move with you. As part of your reflection on the experience, you may want to fill in your own blank image of the wellspring intersection with words, images, etc. Keep this representation where you can see it daily.

You may also want to write a vision statement describing what it is like when you are living your vision, and purpose, being fed by your wellspring.

Step 5

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