Step 2 of The Wellspring Method℠ Program

Fuel Your Best Self and Build Resilience

If you have not read step 1, please go do so first.

Welcome to Step 2 of  The Wellspring Method℠ 5 Step Program.

This coaching activity integrates Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, and Strengths Based Approaches in a way that directly taps your own potential, while increasing your resilience.

Step 2: Your Purpose and Wellspring


While still standing in the intersection of the 2 circles, with your strengths and passions in mind, take the stick and draw a 3rd circle in the imaginary sand so that is overlaps your 2 circles like the image above, forming a Venn diagram. Step forward to this smaller intersection of your wellspring and purpose, the place from which you share your gifts. What the world needs is for you to share your gifts by being the person you recall in your best experience and feeling those positive feelings.

This is where you receive inspiration to express your best self in the world. It’s where your wellspring of possibility for expression originates. You are in direct contact with your source of possibility.

Step 3

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