Step 1 of The Wellspring Method℠ Program

Fuel Your Best Self and Build Resilience


Welcome to The Wellspring Method℠ 5 Step Program.  This coaching activity integrates Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, and Strengths Based Approaches in a way that directly taps your own potential, while increasing your resilience.

A poster presentation of  The Wellspring Method℠  embodied coaching intervention. Photo taken at the Fourth World Congress on Positive Psychology.

The Wellspring Method℠ 5 Step Program is part of a 4 to 18 month coaching program where we determine your strengths-based vision, activate it with this exercise, and co-create it in the world with me as your thought partner and accountability partner.

Experiencing the method provides an opportunity to identify/renew/build on your strengths, values and purpose in this chapter of your life and to know the powerful wellspring of possibilities that fuels it. It is a reference point for resilience that you can visit regularly.


These are the powerful beliefs and assertions that support The Wellspring Method℠ Approach:

  1. Knowing ourselves at our best (our positive core) is essential.
  2. It is not enough to know ourselves at our best, we must bring our positive core into the world.
  3. This is our purpose-to share our gifts with the world.
  4. Standing “on purpose” activates a powerful wellspring of support in terms of possibilities, ideas, creativity, perspective.
  5. We are free to visit this wellspring any time we choose, as it is always available to us.

Step 1: Your Peak Moment


Take a moment to scan best moments in your life and work. Recall a particular best experience that you were good at and you loved. Remember it in detail-who was there, how did you feel?

Now stand up and imagine that you are transported to a beach and a perfect drawing stick appears in your hand.  Use the stick to draw the outline of 2 partially overlapping circles in front of you, where the intersection of the circles is right in front of you and big enough for you to step into.

Step forward into the intersection; explore it with your 5 senses in 3D. What feelings do you have? This is your positive core. Experience the confidence and positive emotions that come up. Reflect and receive. Note what your strongest strengths and greatest passions are, that combined to create your peak experience.

Part 2

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