#3, #4 and #5 of Seven Things Entrepreneurs and Leaders Gain from Executive Coaching


3. Building a diverse, strengths based, team

A diverse team is capable of increasing efficacy and resilience. We use team strengths assessments to determine what strengths you have on your team and we discuss how you can fully leverage those. We also look at what may be missing and how you will obtain those assets.

Extensive Gallup research shows, on average, people only spend about 20% of their time working from their strengths. We work toward flipping that ratio so your team moves towards spending 80% of their time working from strengths.

As a result of working with an effective and resilient team, you will get much more than you ever thought possible. As you move from point A to point B, you will be in an even better position to seize opportunities as they arise. You will experience greater innovation and greater engagement and ownership from your team. In short, you will have developed a breakthrough culture.

4. Encouraging thoughtful, effective decision-making

When you have the time and space to look at your business needs, values and options for decisions, it is easier to make the most effective decisions. Coaching opens up that space and uses it to your advantage. I have had clients thank me for helping them avoid “nightmares” because we have been able to talk about decisions in advance rather than decisions being made “on the fly”, an all too common approach that doesn’t actively consider consequences.

5. Catalyzing powerful visioning and communication

As your executive coach I help you clarify your vision and make sure you are communicating it to the right people at the right time and in the right way. I help you create a vision of you and your team maximizing all your assets and flourishing. Imagine your team and your company as a thriving community that inspires you to deliver to your highest potential at the edge of innovation!