About Patricia


Patricia fell into executive coaching naturally and has stuck with it for over 20 years because of her genuine love for the work.

While previously working as a consultant, Patricia discovered that her clients made much greater progress when they were lead to answers rather than given advice. This insight lead her to explore the world of coaching, thus awakening a new passion and inspiring a fresh direction for her professional career. Now, almost four decades later, Patricia still loves the demands and rewards of supporting clients, and works daily to develop her expertise.

Patricia’s proudest experiences are her clients’ proudest experiences. She loves leading her clients toward the “ah-ha!” moment where a sudden realization provides them with a powerful insight and a new path toward success. As an executive coach, she works alongside her clients to identify their strengths and unfold their creative visions. By helping them come to a fuller understanding of their unique ambitions, talents, and sources of inspiration, she has guided countless clients toward greater success in their professional and personal lives. Her firm belief in using well-researched, success-proven methods makes her a coach you can rely on and a partner you can trust.

Patricia strives to lead by example by enjoying a disciplined, fulling personal life. In her recreational time, Patricia loves to stay active by cycling, dancing, practicing yoga, and leading group hikes. She has practiced mindfulness for over two decades and makes a point of appreciating the diversity of experiences and opportunities that life offers.

If you are a business executive, entrepreneur, manager, or nonprofit leader with the desire to experience new heights of success, Patricia is a like-minded individual who is confident that she can help you achieve your goals.